Walter Hewitt is a purpose led Human Capital Solutions Search Partner, delivering solutions that ultimately benefits the world we live in, whilst also increasing value for owners, investors and shareholders in the Renewable Energy sectors.

As a relationship driven business, over 90% of the clients we partner with have been via recommendation and 60% of our successfully concluded mandates have been via referral.

With a combined 92 years energy industry and talent acquisition experience, we are extensively networked have developed deep market knowledge of our sectors. This combined with our robust candidate attraction methodology ensures the successful delivery of mandates with speed and precision.

Our clients include Financial Advisories, Investors, Developers, Independent Power Producers, Manufacturers and Consultancies.


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Managing Director


Robert Fitzpatrick

Dr. Tony King

What We Do

  • Bespoke Outsourcing
  • Retained Search
  • Executive Search
  • Talent Management

Bespoke Outsourcing

Talent acquisition campaigns are often a time consuming process that drain resources from both Human Resources Departments and Operational Teams, detracting from their core function. This is exacerbated during periods of increased hiring such as Start-up and Scale-up phases. To relieve the pressure from operational teams, Walter Hewitt offers a bespoke solution that reduces the pressure of our clients and allows them to focus on their core business objectives.


  • Reduce time-to-hire and company resources allocated to a campaign
  • A forecastable volume of hires enabling us to reduce our cost per hire for you.
  • Consistent brand message to the market.
  • Standardised recruitment process tailored to your specific requirements and HR practices.
  • Noticeably improved onboarding success.
  • Single point of contact and accountability through an experienced manager.

To find out more about our Bespoke Outsourced Solution please contact us on (0) +44 1803 325000

Retained Search

The impact of a key hire to your company’s management team can be the difference between success and failure. With any pivotal position it is vital to employ the right strategy that will identify the company’s needs and successfully target the right candidate for the position.  A retained search assignment demonstrates to the market a commitment to hire from you, this produces a noticeable increased number of better quality candidates more responsive to a career move.

By retaining Walter Hewitt it enables us to dedicate the exclusive time and resources required to find you the best possible talent. Our executive search methodology draws on extensive experience from both human capital search and industry executive’s perspectives. This enables us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and then utilise our well established networks and market knowledge to identify and select the best individuals.


  • Delivering solutions, not CVs – talent matched to the distinct needs of your business.
  • Timeline expectations – Fixed time to hire with pre-defined and agreed scheduling of decision gates.
  • Consistency – A Single point of contact through appointed manager and dedicated delivery team.
  • Shared Commitment – By partnering and sharing the risk with Walter Hewitt this allows us to reduce the cost compared to contingent hiring.
  • Brand Ambassador – Appointing a single Human Capital Partner to robustly research the market ensures a consistent and undiluted brand message that allows us to best represent the opportunity to targeted talent.
  • Quality Focused – A retained mandate enables us to accurately Map the market, attract and secure the most suitable talent as opposed to the most readily available.

To find out more about our Retained Search Solution please contact us on (0) +44 1803 325000

Executive Search

Securing the executive teams you need

As the Renewable Energy sector continues its high-growth path to replace hydrocarbons, executives that will consolidate your market position and drive shareholder value are in high demand.

Walter Hewitt are dedicated to the renewables sector and are established with the industries most exciting and pioneering players.

Our longevity in the renewables sector and the relationships we have nurtured has yielded us a continuously evolving deep network of executives. 

Whether you need C-Level Executives to spearhead the continuous evolution of your business or Board Members to provide some additional depth of experience, Walter Hewitt can help you.

To explore our Executive Search Solution, please get in touch +44 (0) 1803 325 000

Talent Management

In addition to our Human Capital Solutions options, we are able to provide a Talent Management Solution offered to high achieving Executives. We will take the time to understand your key competences, drivers and aspirations and strategically approach the market confidentially to procure the best career opportunities available.

For a confidential discussion on how you might progress in your career please contact on (0) +44 1803 325000